Class Descriptions

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Click on the classes listed below to read the swim class descriptions for each level.

2 Week Swim Immersion

Ages 3.5 years and up

Our signature iSwimin10 class

30 minute class, Monday – Friday for 2 consecutive weeks

Small group of 3 kids. 

Three class levels offered: Beginner, Intermediate and introduction to strokes. 


Our signature iSwimin10 program is designed to push your child past their comfort zone in order to achieve the next level of swimming. In most cases your child will begin swimming a short distance by the end of week one. Week two is devoted to building confidence. By the end of two weeks, beginner students typically will be able to: jump in the pool, swim a short distance to the instructor and or swim to the wall, grab it, and “crab walk” to the steps. They will also understand how to properly hold their breath, dive to the bottom to retrieve toys (assisted), float on their front and back, and swim a short distance from step to instructor on their own.  


This course will continue swim education, renew confidence and fix any ‘bad habits’. It focuses on get them back to the level they were the previous summer and moving towards stroke instruction classes. Intermediate is perfect for the child who is swimming a short distance on their own and needs to work on coming up for air by themselves. 


Get a group of 3 children. Your group may be paired with children from the waitlist to make a complete class. Follow steps 1-4 on the register page.

COST: $500 per student 

Advanced - Introduction to Strokes

Ages 5 – 10 years

Group of 4 kids, 30 min class, 10 days (M-F for two weeks) 

Because this group is already water safe, 2 children swim at the same time. That is why this class is a group of 4. There is not a lot of rest time…we swim A LOT!

Child must be able to swim the whole length of the pool “unassisted” to qualify for this class level!

This program is designed to introduce all 4 swim strokes. Perfect for children who would like to join a swim team but need an introduction to each swim stroke first. Stroke class is taught using fins. This gives the children a little extra strength and power to master really hard strokes. It also teaches children to kick properly. This is the highest level of swim we offer at iSwimin10.  Please note, this is an “introduction” to the stroke. Strokes take a lot of time to master. They will learn the basic movements of each stroke in this course. After that, if they wish to continue and perfect each stroke, I suggest finding a local swim team! 

COST: $500 per student


For children who have completed the iSwimin10 program in 2021 

Why maintenance classes?

Like with most skill sets, the more you practice the better and safer you will become. Without maintenance lessons, your child’s new swimming skills could regress. Younger children who have completed the iSwimin10 program often need additional time to learn how to pick their heads up, take a breath, and continue swimming. This is the hardest, yet ,most essential part of learning to swim.  iSwimin10 does not introduce breathing until the child is ready.  Introducing this skill to your child at the right time turns a timid student into a safe and confident swimmer.

How it works

-Maintenance classes are available to any child who has recently (2022-2023) completed the iSwimin10 course. HOWEVER, we highly recommend you start each season out doing a 10 day session with Coach Brande.

-Taught by a certified iSwimin10 instructor

-$30 per class

-Reserved online as single drop in classes. (no “sessions” like the iSwimin10 program) This is to accommodate busy summer schedules!

-Classes run May through August.

-There are 3 levels of maintenance classes. 

-Pay per class. Come as much or as little as you would like. 

-Change or cancel your class through the app. Please note there is a 24hr cancellation policy. If you cancel a class, the class credit will go back into your account.

-If classes are full, join the waitlist. When a spot opens up EVERYONE on the waitlist is emailed at the same time and it is first come first serve. 

-Follow iSwimin10 on Facebook and be the first to know! When classes are added I post it on Facebook.

-If you have any questions when registering or signing up for classes, use the Fitli help button. They are very fast to respond and can help you much better than I ca

Class Levels

*Class levels are based on skill level NOT age

Level 1: 

Typically (but not always) children 3-4 yrs of age. Children still working on paddles and kicks, moving themselves through the water, as well as confidence. Working on the rhythm of picking their head up to breathe.

Level 2:

Typically (but not always) children ages 5-7. Children that are swimming independently but still working on taking their breathe on their own. Or are already taking a breath but need more practice. This class will also work in the deep end and work on longer distance swims.


Children who have already taken the intro to stoke class with Coach Brande. During maintenance class they will continue to practice each stroke.

Sign up instructions

For parents with only one student:

Step 1: Go to or download the fitli app to your phone 

Step 2: Search for iSwimin10!

Step 3: Create an account using your CHILD’S name, not yours.

Step 4: Select class date and time you want and purchase the one class package to pay for it.

For parents with multiple students: For now, you will need to use NOT the app. The app is not set up yet for multi family members.

Step 1: Go to and create an account.

Step 2: Search form iSwimin10!

Step 3: Create an account using the PARENT’S name

Step 4: Follow the instructions for “add a relationship” and add each child to the account.